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Kriszta, 38, Budapest, Hungary


Today I turned 38 and I’m still hesitating in my relationship. What do I give up? Do I give my life to a guy who I don’t trust one hundred percent? Sure, I have a background story, like everyone. I lost my mother when I was thirteen and because of that I built a very strong relationship with my father. He’s a wonderful man and a kind of male example for me. I consider myself lucky for that. But it also makes it very difficult to find the perfect partner. I have very high expectations. What should I do? Do I give up my idea about a perfect relationship and set my own standards a bit lower? Can I live with it? I really want to have a family to make it real— what I lost by losing my mother. Today I looked in the mirror and I saw a woman (first time in my life). I see that I’m getting older. What are my chances? On the other hand, I’d like to make good what I started almost six years ago with this guy. He’s a difficult personality who’s also carrying some baggage. Am I the one who is supposed to help him to find his way or should I be focusing on myself? There are such difficult questions in life.

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