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Barbara, 34, Budapest, Hungary


Love in the time of corona. Yesterday was very intense! My first video call date went well. I was talking only a half an hour about my eating disorder and just a couple minutes about the complicated relationship I’ve got with my mother! And good news is, I totally resisted to mention the connection between these two topics (you know, how fat and sugar are proving me I am lovable). Other things unraveled: his voice is a little thin, but he seems to be a good listener and laughed a lot also on my bad jokes, so it is totally possible that I'll marry him once. He didn’t have to walk me home, as I didn’t leave home at all, so I could fall asleep immediately after we said goodbye. I had a very intense romantic dream, but not with the guy. I found myself in the middle of a wild romance, I tried to break the legendary strong marriage of the mayor of Budapest. God, he was so sexy!! He is totally my type. We had a lot of secret dates, incl. a lot of kissing.


After I woke up I felt that I am totally in love, and looking forward to the next night, when we “accidentally” run into each other. Later in the afternoon while I was searching his photos in Google I suddenly realised that there is a significant resemblance between him and my ex. I got so disappointed, I always think I am over him. Now I have to try to forgive myself, that in these hard times I still miss him. And it doesn’t mean I want to get back together. 

Gergely Karácsony, Mayor of Budapest, Hungary
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