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Laura, 30, New York, USA

I never thought that something I feared so much, would change to love so easily.
I was so scared of it.
I purposely married two weeks before it.
I filled my pores to stop it.
And when it came, I realised I had wanted it.


Because I have always felt a little old before my time.
A true romantic, longing for the love of a beautiful life.
Wanting to dance under the stars instead of strobe lights.
Not wanting to please the masses, but to surround myself with the perfect few.
No longer chasing those ’30 under 30 lists’.
Wanting to be fulfilled and not famous.
Being regarded differently, as if in one day I had seen so much more.
And in one simple turn of the clock, the body had caught up with the mind.

Two months into 30.
I am settled, content, yet still hungry.
Knowing what’s important and what matters.
In love.


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