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Szandra, 34, Budapest, Hungary


"Would your younger self be proud of you now?" - asks the Reddit thread I'm reading.


I used to be an angry teenager. After an argument with my parents, I dyed my blonde hair red and I went to punk concerts when I should have been studying for tests. I fell in love with shady dudes and a few of my girl friends were straight-up bullies.


I've managed to build a rather sophisticated life. In my career I mostly chose joy over a fat paycheck. I made peace with my dad. My friends are wholesome human beings. I'm quicker to dump men who are unsure about me. I only let organic angel teardrops touch my hair. Last night on my way home I found a perfectly good cigarette on the ground and I smoked it.


I guess I am a self-respecting punk now.

∗younger me approves∗

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