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Sunnie, 38, New York, USA


In my mid twenties, everything felt like an existential challenge, and the attempt for quick fixes with the help of big pharma caused weird illogical emotional reactions that I wasn’t able to accept as a solution. The thought of chemicals dictating my life path was even more depressing than the mild depression I thought I had. A few visits to a behavioral psychologist / palm reader ended up being the turning point in the story. She showed me the broken line and told me I was approaching the gap. Until 35, it was going to be a tough, directionless, but not to worry, if I made it to the other side, it’d be onward and upward from there. She said that curved line meant I was “born with a broken heart.” It’d be rough going for awhile, possibly a long while, but again, the future looked promising. Stay the course, so to speak, I’ll make it in the end but watch out for that curved line that dead-ends into the padded palm area, that was my “tendency to go to the dark side.” Don’t stay there too long! My western and eastern astrological charts were in agreement. The stars, my biology, the planted ideas, basic life experience, who knows, though formative, it’s somewhat irrelevant now. Spending a decade on the dark side sure makes you appreciate the light so much more. Traveling around the sun each year, trying to get ahead of the darkness. The path was long and arduous. I did end up finding my way to the other side of the gap. It only did take until I was 35. I’m now on a path that finally makes sense to me. It’s been full speed ahead and with urgency. As urgent as the climate emergency. As urgent as having kids at 38. As urgent as setting a wedding date. As urgent as keeping up with bills and credit scores and shared visions of the future. I have some sun on my back now but we’re moving faster. There’s no time for baggage and bullshit on the rest of the journey!

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