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Whitney, 34, NY, USA


I’ve never felt more full of purposeful-life then at 34. Family. Friends. Children. Discovering a career passion. Lots of love. But oh - I’ve never felt more responsibility and guilt to live up to a higher standard before. Working too late. Doctors appointments for everyone. Bills. Keeping up with a social life. Engaging with my toddler. Relating to my teenager. Stay safe. Be safe. Don’t grow up so fast. Eat a healthy meal.


Somehow, in this beautiful decade of self discovery I have lost myself a bit. Maybe it’s my day, or mood even, maybe it’s not. Everything considered, would I change it? Absolutely not. I suppose it’s a lesson in discovering what’s important, what matters, what noise can be reduced. That’s the beauty of our 30s, we can see the value and lessons of our paths to this point and appreciate and accept that there is still so much to learn.

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