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Regina Ruff, 35, New Jersey, USA

Today’s notes:
As I read the words written by my younger self 
tugged back, pulled under 
those blankets.
I was, I am 
As I enter a new chapter, a new era it feels like
I ask myself, how much do I want to let go of, or leave behind?
Today I remembered who I once was and missed her a little. 
I feel the changes some good, some just different.
I am 
I will be 
the in between is so confusing 
my heart aches 
but it is good, i think
I go
Been growing for awhile, been learning 
need to dig out some weeds and make some decisions 
growing up without forgetting 
much love all

oh and...
It's harder to live for yourself than it is to live for others

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