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Anna, 37, New York, USA


Chat on Messenger With Dad

Budapest - Brooklyn


Anna: I have this theory that women in their thirties today go through a lot that is unusual. You should be a mother, a woman, but you should also have a career, you should have political views, be informed, do your work-out and be a good wife at the same time. The old reflexes are doing fine, and there are new expectations, too. Meanwhile America may get a female president at last. The point is that this can be rather frustrating at times. So we built an archive where women can share their thoughts and feelings.

Dad: I think a harmonious relationship is the key.

Anna: I think it is really telling that the first thing to come to your mind is a relationship.

But this is only and exclusively about women's lives


them alone

Dad: Now don't provoke me. A woman alone, a zippy mother, woman, manager and then she is satisfied with herself, she didn't live in vain

Anna: What I mean is that here we are looking at them not within a relationship.

But I see what you mean. There are too many stories about this. Women get pecked to death if they are not married, or don't want children.

Dad: That is because their lives are not harmonious.

Anna: It could be, if society did not keep pecking at them.

Dad: Then the world would laugh and watch these women go extinct. A solo trip around the world.

Anna: And what's wrong with that?

Dad: it is pointless, it is useless.

Anna: after all of this, I am not going to ask what you think of gay people

Dad: and of the lame and the hunchbacks

Anna: So you think my life would be pointless if I lived alone, without children?

Dad: Let's no go into this, I was not thinking of YOU, but of the women who are deliberately childless and are only interested in their own fulfillment, and there are many of them.

Anna: well, I do have a couple of friends like this and they give a hell of a lot back to society.

I think we should not interfere with the ways people live their lives

And let's not be judgmental

Dad: Appreciated

Anna: for it is none of our business

Dad: Good night

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