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Briana Tascarella, 37, Los Angeles, USA


I was probably about 6 months pregnant. It was the end of the day and we were doing some late day swimming which has always been one of my favorite things. Everyone else leaves the beach to go get ready for dinner and the whole place is yours. My husband and I were floating around the bathtub warm, tropical sea under a golden sky. It was getting late and we were pushing this whole late day swim thing to the bitter end. He looked at me and, knowing how it would make me feel, carefully said “we should go get ready”. I get pretty bad post vacation blues and try and hold onto the trip as tightly as I can. Hold onto every last minute. This was different though. When we leave this place, it’s all over. He gave me a moment and walked out onto the shore to dry off in the last remaining moments of sun. I turned away, facing out to the sea and my eyes welled up. It was just me and that open sea for the last time. I spent a few moments like this and just sank myself underwater. I cried hard underwater knowing that when I came up for air, I would walk out of that water and my youth was gone. Left there in the sea. That was where I said goodbye.

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