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Kristin Lopez, 38, NY, USA


Two months ago, I was putting my oldest daughter in bed when she turned to me and asked (in as serious a voice as a 9-year old can muster), “Mom...are you scared of turning 40?”


I burst out laughing almost immediately. She was most likely asking since my husband was days away from turning 40 at that point, although the aspect of fear wasn’t present in his demeanor. AND she also has quite the penchant for all things dramatic. So I assured her that I wasn’t scared, since it wouldn’t happen for two more years and it was, after all, inevitable.


In our 30’s, as women we are expected to begin the “graceful” process of aging while appearing to not age at all. We are expected to get our pre-baby metabolism back, to exercise, keep a clear complexion, be stylish in an age-appropriate manner, be a mom, have a fulfilling job, be a supportive wife, etc.


I have found that the “me” of my 30’s has embraced most of those ideas, but not all.  My 30’s have been hard in that achieving balance has become a nearly constant struggle, but I have found that these are also the years where I have discovered the beautiful luxury of letting things go. I care truly and deeply when I need to, and shrug off what doesn’t need attention or concern. I can look at my children, husband, job, family, and friends, and know that I am constantly doing the absolute best that I can, and that is enough.


So in two years when 40 comes knocking, I will graciously meet it at the door, in an age-appropriate and stylish outfit, surrounded by those I love dearly, and welcome it in.

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