Anna Kasnyik (*1982) and Courtney McMahon (*1982) both live in Brooklyn, USA. Anna is a Graphic Designer, Courtney is a Group Account Director. And this is exactly how they met. One day, in their lunch break, they started a conversation about being in their thirties and how different their experiences were - at 32 Courtney was putting a marriage behind her and starting over with a plethora of TBDs. Anna had already lived in five countries and created thirteen "homes" by the age of 35 - and none of this was what their mothers told them their thirties would be like. 

This project was born out of curiosity. 

Anna and Courtney, on the day they came up with the idea for this project. Pictured here, talking about their boobs.


06/23/2017, 2pm, Lower East Side, NYC. 

Photo: Jennie Ng

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