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Abby, 30, New York, USA

I know it’s just a number. I know it’s just another decade or stage in life. But what I realized was the wisdom and experience behind the years is something that only hits you or will hit you during this age, during this decade, where everything starts to make sense, where you can see more of who you are and why things played out the way they did. I turned 30 in quarantine, at home, with my family and we took a
picture with all of us, just as us, not dressed up, not out somewhere, and I loved it so much. Whereas a few months back I was planning to be out with friends probably dressed to the nine, at some boujee restaurant. I know it’s just another year but I headed into this new decade as if I was blindfolded, like I knew where I was going, I could hear it, speak it, feel it, but I couldn’t see it because it didn’t lead me to
where I thought. And once I got here the blindfold came off, that’s what it felt like once I turned 30. It forces you to open your eyes to what you want to do in life, to where you want to be. These are your ME years, as much as people say that’s in your twenties, it’s not. Your twenties you’re still learning and have your mistakes, your thirties are those beautiful selfish years.

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